The Site Reboot

2012-03-23 00:12:31 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

I Don't Know How They Managed It, But they Spent Days (Or More) "Fixing" NewGrounds, and New Emotes And the Revised Feedback System, The Site Got Worse. I've been On NG For A Number Of Years, and I'd Hae to Leave It butI Despise The new Site Build...
You Can Find Me Here , At My DeviantART Account... Or My FaceBook... Which You Can Get To Thru My POS DeviantART Account.

So Yeah, I'm Thinking I'll Delete My Longtime Account...

Gettin` used to the Reboot

2012-02-11 15:21:49 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

I`m sure I`ll start the reboot positive, as most here have, and drop some newer, more cartoony art Here and possibly on DeviantArt, Moar posting and even more frusturation on my animation crisis.

No one much likes my Characters, But they are all copyrighted, and they need some publicity. I have been "cartooning" since 2004 (AD) and i need some feedback. Whaddaya think of `em Guys?

Gettin` used to the Reboot

3D Animations.

2012-01-22 16:21:52 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

Hey Guys,

From what I can tell, This Seems to be the highest end of 3D animation Software. I am still trying to do all of my animating in 2d, but as of now have put 2D animation on the wayside for bigger and better things, Like 3D animation. Not to say I`ve lost faith in 2D (Hell, Newgrounds is rife with it!) but I figure I gave it a good ole college try, and it kinda fell thru with me, so I`ll try its brother in arms, 3D.

I am having difficulties finding a reliable sorta program for animating in 3 dimensions, so i have recently decided to go to my fellow Newgrounders in search of answers. What is the best 3D animation software, and where can i get it before SOPA drops?

Please do not TLDR me.

3D Animations.


2011-08-15 16:21:50 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

I, Blizzardlizard, have aquired my very own custom built slippy shirt. You may want get one soon, cos the more $ I get the easier it is to hear from Slippy, Pobot Oxe, and the rest of The cast of S.L.O.P. i hate to say it, but donations (Or purchases!) are appreciated, and as much as i want to be heard, not at your wallets expense. Pm me for prices (I need to Make them En Masse!)... i will get them lowered eventually but...

...I Need a reliable Fanbase before anyone will start to care. SPREAD THE WORD.


Who ARE you?

2011-07-25 01:47:31 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

well? who are you?

when you are on the internet, no one wants to be themselves, or tries not to be. so, the question of this post is...who are you? while on the internet, whaddaya want people to see you as? while on Newgrounds, what are you? as i am a blizzardlizard, and my friend sees himself as a lot of chain, i want to know, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU? whether you`re anon or blizzardlizard, no one announces themself, lest they feel the sting of the internet. as your character alias dictates, what is your name supposed to make YOU?

long story short, why`d you choose your username, and what does it mean?

Who ARE you?


2010-09-29 10:14:23 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

quick question, i have a couple of violent and generally screwy drawings about killing sonic chars, by violent unnecessary and grotesque means, they may or may not be colored, generally not tho.

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all of the names are the same as they are on the post as to hold easy access.

you can also see my art here: rt/

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you can now check out some of my art!

2010-06-22 21:07:24 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

>> my secret box of links i like, no one knows this is here but me, plz tell no one! And, as long as you`re here, drop a link or two...I wont delete ANYTHING

This is me, too.


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Konata eats Donutz


you can now check out some of my art!

OH MAi GaWD!!!

2010-06-11 19:39:16 by BLIZZARDLIZARD cies_Wiki


OH MAi GaWD!!!