Who ARE you?

2011-07-25 01:47:31 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

well? who are you?

when you are on the internet, no one wants to be themselves, or tries not to be. so, the question of this post is...who are you? while on the internet, whaddaya want people to see you as? while on Newgrounds, what are you? as i am a blizzardlizard, and my friend sees himself as a lot of chain, i want to know, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU? whether you`re anon or blizzardlizard, no one announces themself, lest they feel the sting of the internet. as your character alias dictates, what is your name supposed to make YOU?

long story short, why`d you choose your username, and what does it mean?

Who ARE you?


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2011-07-26 10:14:51

Im bre, aka loverofmusic2 nice to meet you, hope to see you around sometime


not quite, but then again, i know you, and you are fun anyways.


2011-07-26 10:21:09


i am blizzardlizard, should i be my alias, id be a thirty pound blue and white spiky lizard with tusks that breathes snow.

i chose it because it was the coolest thing i coulda represented myself with ( ^^)


2011-07-26 22:14:26

I chose PepperJoe since it contains my real name and I feel a fiery passion for certain issues and have sometimes a hot temper.


now there is the kind of responce i wanted! you just left out one thing... are you joe, who is hot-tempered, or joe, the pepper with the same disposition? anyways, have fun, you did well with my instructions, if i had a cookie, you could have it.


2011-07-28 03:32:23

I'm the wind that lifts the skirts of fat ugly women.


2011-08-03 13:50:35

I'm the reason you folks told you not to talk to strangers.


my parents tole me to actively talk to strangers, they were right, the internet IS awesome!


2011-08-10 17:46:34

I'm Speculant, because I read a book once, "The Game Of Sunken Places" by M.T. Anderson, and that book had a character whose name was "The Speculant" and he was totally badass. He had, like, these spikes attached to wires that stuck out of his back that he used to walk around with.



so you walk around on spike-tentacles? or you want us to THINK you walk around on spike-tentacles... Trippy.

i`ll hafta read that sometime.


2011-08-14 21:05:11

we r anon we r legion!!! we do not 4giv we do not 4get! expect us XDDDD!!!!!!!

(Updated ) BLIZZARDLIZARD responds:

Wow you`re a fag...


2011-09-19 08:18:28

*looking at the motivational poster*

No, you're a bunch of little 13 year kids who need to get laid. BIG TIME.


*looking at the asterisks you put next to what you are supposedly doing*