Entry #8

The Site Reboot

2012-03-23 00:12:31 by BLIZZARDLIZARD

I Don't Know How They Managed It, But they Spent Days (Or More) "Fixing" NewGrounds, and New Emotes And the Revised Feedback System, The Site Got Worse. I've been On NG For A Number Of Years, and I'd Hae to Leave It butI Despise The new Site Build...
You Can Find Me Here , At My DeviantART Account... Or My FaceBook... Which You Can Get To Thru My POS DeviantART Account.

So Yeah, I'm Thinking I'll Delete My Longtime Account...


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2015-02-21 21:02:52

Dont delete your account your lose your long time firend who only comes on when hes drunk to watch wierd videos n share your starcraft fandom also the cologne thing lol


2015-04-25 09:24:00